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BIOVAX Opti Cure Serum 15ml nail


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  • BIOVAX Opti Cure serum nail, a preparation containing a number of substances and vitamins favorably impinging on the condition of the nail plate. Serum regenerates and smoothing on nails and moisturizes the skin around the nails.

natural silk proteins, keratin, vitamin B5, A, E, C and F, Olive oil and oil from soybeans Action: BIOVAX Opti Cure serum for nails, contains active ingredients that work strongly regenerating and smoothing on the nail plate and moisturise and nourish the skin around it.

Serum BIOVAX Opti Cure, includes natural silk proteins, keratin and a set of valuable for the health of nail vitamins B5, A, E, C and F, which together prevent crumbling and splitting nails.