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Biovital memory liquid 650ml, vitamins for memory


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  • Vitamins for memory. Biovital memory is a product of specially selected ingredients, increases the efficiency of intellectual influences better save and improve concentration and reduces mental fatigue.
The daily dose - 60 ml contains:
Lecithin 1235,4mg,
Vitamin B6 2,3mg,
Vitamin E 11mg.
Action: The main task of Lecithin, and exactly one of the components - Choline is to support the functioning of the nervous system. It facilitates memorization and learning, strengthens the ability to concentrate. Vitamin B6 is also ensures the proper functioning of the nervous system, as it affects the production of substances which play an important role, that of serotonin, dopamine or amino-butyric acid. On the other hand, the addition of vitamin E adds energy and vitality.
Dosage: Oral, 30 ml (2 tablespoons) 2 times a day.