BIRDVITAL elderberry feed supplement vet. 50 ml

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Birdvital elderberry feed

supplement Supplementary feed
To support feed intake, especially after heavy stress on the detoxification organs and metabolism.

cdVet BirdVital is a liquid food supplement to support feed intake and feed conversion, especially during and after heavy loads on the detoxification organs and metabolism. It should generally be used at least twice a year for a week.
Birdvital elderberry feed Composition:
Fruit vinegar, dextrose, elderberry juice, beetroot juice, liquid fermented grain, lactose, artichoke, ribwort, nettle, aniseed, thyme, St. John's wort

Birdvital elderberry feed Content of natural ingredients:
Crude protein 0.21%, crude fiber 0.04%, crude ash 0.25%, crude fat 0.00%, dry matter 3.1%

Synthetic additives per liter: NO

Birdvital elderberry feed feeding
recommendation : 3 - 7ml per liter of drinking water daily for at least 6 weeks, or 20 drops per 100ml drinking water daily

Birdvital elderberry feed Herbalism:

Fruit vinegar:

stimulates the activity of the pancreas; helpful in breaking down fat, carbohydrates and protein; promotes the formation of digestive juices; strong disinfectant; contains potassium, phosphorus, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, iron, fluorine, silicon and many other trace elements


supplier of the carbon structure for the synthesis of amino acids and lipids

Elder: stimulating, antispasmodic, fungicidal, expectorant


blood-forming, blood-improving, uric acid-dissolving, diuretic, liver-
strengthening Fermented grain, liquid: rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins such as selenium, copper, iron, manganese, zinc, calcium, magnesium, potassium; Vitamins E, B1, B2, B12


provides energy supports the calcium resorption, putrefactive bacteria inhibits the colon and favors bifidus bacteria


analgesic, digestive
plantain: antibacterial, astringent, blood purifier, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, diuretic


stimulates metabolism, blood circulation , vasodilator
anise: antibacterial, relaxing, diuretic, antispasmodic, expectorant, tonic


antibacterial, relaxing, diuretic, antispasmodic, expectorant, toning

St. John's wort:

decongestant, astringent, antibacterial, calming, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, expectorant, analgesic, toning