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Bittersweet - tincture

Nuhrovia GmbH

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Bittersweet - tincture 50 ml


bittersweet benefits:


People take bittersweet nightshade for skin conditions including eczema, itchy skin, acne, boils, broken skin, and warts. They also take it for joint pain (rheumatism), other types of pain, and fluid retention; and as a calming agent (sedative).

If you have overindulged or are planning to. In a figurative sense, they promote the digestion of conflicts, healthy self-expression and the courage to stand up for yourself. Did you know that bitter substances help when you have a craving for sweets? Bitterschön is a composition of tried and tested bitter herbs and spices! Natural essences from Nuhrovia are purely natural products, vegan, without additives and therefore particularly well tolerated. Bitterschön is made by hand and enriched with sunlight over several weeks in the south, hence the name “sun lightening agent”.


Bittersweet Recommendation:

Drink 10-15 drops pure or with water before each main meal.

water, alcohol (20%), angelica, milk thistle, dandelion root*, licorice root, centaury*, wormwood**, turmeric, ginger, lemon balm**, cardamom, clove, anise, cinnamon * wild collection ** fresh from the garden remaining ingredients largely from organic farming. Manufacturer: Hvarska Sol doo Croatia


Additional Bittersweet info:


  • Sunlit plant extension
  • made by hand
  • without artificial additives, free from preservatives, free from genetic engineering
  • Cruelty-free, vegan
  • Protected from light and packaged in violet glass for a long time