BITTNER original Swedish herbs 500ml, appetite stimulant

Richard Bittner GMBH

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  • Appetite stimulant . BITTNER original Swedish herb contains extracts from 25 herbs.Supports proper digestion. In addition it helps to maintain good feeling after eating.

The product contains a unique composition of 25 herbs mainly of bitter and aromatic-bitter ( .: angelica root, manna, myrrh, ostryżu spotted root, root dziewięćsił).

The product helps maintain the well-being after eating. It facilitates the absorption of nutrients from food, stimulates the secretion of digestive juices and bile production by the liver, thus promotes proper digestion. Taken before a meal helps appetite. It does not contain alcohol.

It is recommended to consume 1 teaspoon 3 times a day, before or after a meal.