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BJH anti scar cream 50 ml

BJH Nature and Resonance Research AG

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Anti Scar Cream

Hectic times with heavy use or in old age change our skin noticeably. It loses its freshness and vitality and becomes more prone to wrinkles. That is why our skin on the face, neck and décolleté needs increased and high-quality care that supports:
  • promotes smooth skin and a supple skin feel
  • from drying out and wrinkling
  • also for damaged and aging skin
  • for a fresh and radiant complexion

BJH anti scar cream Ingredients that convince:
  • Hyaluron & Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin E & Lecithin
  • Macadamia & Evening Primrose Oil
  • Oxygen * & jojoba oil

This BJH anti-scar-anti-wrinkle cream impresses with its visible regeneration and revitalization of the skin. That means looking well-groomed and healthy - a nice feeling at any age! In terms of skin, this sets important standards through a combination that is special and proven in terms of content.

BJH anti scar cream:

  • prevents aging processes - supported by oxidants
  • If necessary, minimizes the depth of wrinkles, the formation of wrinkles and regulates scars
  • important oils as a base plus nourishing, skin-regenerating components
  • vital, youthful-looking skin - important active support for cell regeneration
  • elastic, supple skin - smoothing even with skin irritations such as acne, pustules, cracks
  • Metabolism active oxygen component - noticeable, visible cell renewal, cell protection
  • Stressed skin visibly recovers well - even during and after a cold
  • energetic patent supports the whole complexion in a unique way
  • "Personal skin pampering care" - a cream for day and night

BJH anti scar cream Important: Normally, our skin renews itself every 4 weeks on average, but only depending on the condition. It is therefore important to use this care for active metabolism regeneration. In this way they support the skin effectively and sensibly: for a radiant, healthy appearance!