BJH AugenFein eye gel 1X25 ml eyes and facial skin

BJH Nature and Resonance Research AG

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BJH AugenFein Eye Gel, eyes and facial skin
invigorates the area around the

eyes and facial skin. Day and night care for him and her for the sensitive eye area as well as heavily used, stressed facial skin. These are particularly vulnerable areas of skin that require special care for a fresh and radiant complexion. Visible negative signs of time start drying and wrinkling on the face.

BJH AugenFein eye gel, eyes and facial skin Application:
Cleanse your face - a drop of BJH AugenFein is enough - massage in briefly - then continue daily care. Please note: Not the quantity, but regularity and quality result in a lasting secret of success. Thanks to its economical consumption, the AugenFein dispenser lasts an unusually long time. From practice we hear the opinion: "Tried once ...... always applied" *. Only for the eye area - not direct to the eye and not into the eye!

BJH AugenFein eye gel, eyes and facial skin Note:
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