Black cumin seed oil for dogs

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Black cumin seed oil for dogs Pack size: 250 ml

Single feed for dogs

Black seed oil has been known in the Middle East for thousands of years for its positive effects on the entire metabolism. The ancient Egyptians used it for almost every ailment. The valuable oil with its nutty, spicy note is rich in essential oils, bitter substances and polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially gamma-linolenic acid. These essential fatty acids are essential for a functioning, healthy metabolism. Amino acids, vitamins C and E support and regulate the body's immune system, which numerous studies have shown.

Canina® BLACK CUMIN OIL can be used for allergies of all kinds, but also for gastrointestinal problems, respiratory and skin irritations. Since it harmonizes and regulates the general metabolism, it is indicated for all problems associated with an excessive (allergies) or a weak immune system. Also acts Canina® BLACK cumin oil because of the phytochemicals (nigellin, saponin, thymoquinone) anti-oxidant and protects the cells against free radicals.

Black cumin seed oil for dogs Content: 250ml

Composition: fat content 100%

Black cumin seed oil for dogs Composition: 100% pure Egyptian black cumin oil (from Nigella sativa seeds), cold-pressed, filtered, without any other additives.

External use:
In the event of skin irritation, a few drops are enough, spread on the affected skin, 1 - 3 times a day. For the nourishing care of skin and coat, for the prevention of parasites: Depending on the size of the dog, distribute 1 - 5 ml Canina® BLACK CUMIN OIL in the palms of the hands or put on a brush and massage / brush into the fur. 1 to 3 times a week.

Black cumin seed oil for dogs Internal use:
Feeding recommendation per animal and day:
0.3 ml / kg body weight, mix a maximum of 12 ml with the feed.

Withdraw during pregnancy and lactation.

Store cool and dry, protected from light and tightly closed. Store in the refrigerator after opening.