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Black cumin seed oil Nigella 100ml


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  • Black cumin seed oil. rains of black cumin have properties: calming, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anti-depressants, strengthening the immune system.

100% oil with cumin, unrefined, cold-pressed

OIL Nigella has true potential therapeutic and research into its impact on our precious health unceasing and bring an optimistic prognosis. Cumin oil composition: phosphate, iron, antibiotic battling against all kinds of viruses, bacteria and fungi, carotene, hormones, enzymes acting repressive carbohydrates.

Properties and purpose: as a prophylactic:
headaches, migraines weakness, insomnia, fatigue, incidentally diseases of the upper respiratory tract, cough, influenza, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, impotence and frigidity Sexual hair loss acne dehydrated, very nourished and lacking luster skin stimulation of memory lack of energy and vitality pains teeth, gums and throat, asthma, indigestion and pain in the stomach bloating and gas back pain, rheumatism, gynecological problems fracture skin discoloration

For cold directly 1 teaspoon a day