Black tea NATJUN, China Rose Tea 60g


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  • Black tea, China Rose Tea. The seductive scent of rose petals, a refreshing orange peel, the captivating aroma of cornflower and bergamot - this is how the Black Chinese Rose smells. Perfection in a pure form, original Asian recipe enchanted in an aromatic brew.

Black tea, orange peel, hibiscus petals, cornflower petals, rose petals, bergamot flower oil, wild rose aroma.

A mixture of black tea and floral aromas created with passion by the Natjun tea people. The memory of a voyage to Vietnam, where tea is worshiped like a deity. Black Chinese Rose was created out of respect for the local tradition, combines what in the black tea the best, or power and intoxicating aromas of flowers. Rose, cornflower and bergamot are just as beautiful as a tasty bouquet. But it is not everything. The secret of this mixture is hidden in the petals of hibiscus, which is a real treasure for health. The polysaccharides contained in it strengthen the immune system. There are also voices that support the liver, help maintain normal cholesterol values, and in people with moderate hypertension, lowering blood pressure. Sweet, floral and refreshing should be tea for every time of the day.

Additional information:
Store the tea pack and store in a dry place.

Company information:
Can tea influence someone's life? One thing is certain - it changed the life of Natjun's founders. In the tea they discovered their passion, which they share so generously with us. They show us that it is more than just a drink, it's part of the culture of humanity.

Country of origin: Vietnam.

How to use:
In just a few minutes you can prepare a brew that will delight you with its taste. Pour 1 teaspoon of tea into the cup (2 teaspoons if you prefer the XL version). Pour over with water at a temperature of 96 degrees. C (wait 2 minutes after boiling). Now only 3-4 minutes of waiting for brewing and tea ready.

Net weight: 60g.