Black tea NATJUN , Earl Grey Jasmine tea '50g


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  • Black tea, Earl Grey Jasmine tea. Is there anything more sublime than classic Earl Gray? Yes, it is the black tea Jasmin Earl Gray, in which the aroma of bergamot has been highlighted by the jasmine flower. Thanks to it, every cup of aromatic infusion is a small celebration.

Black tea, jasmine flower, bergamot oil.

Jasmin Earl Gray finds recognition among lovers of jasmine and Earl Gray tea. This tea is a real joy for the senses! Leaves of black tea straight from Ceylon, soaked in essential oil of bergamot flowers, which gradually releases its captivating aroma. The whole complex flavor composition is complemented by jasmine flower, which emphasizes all the advantages of tea. Each sip is a slow discovery of a unique combination of ingredients, allowing you to distinguish each element, and at the same time to appreciate the perfect harmony.

Additional information:
Store in a dry place free of other odors.

Country of origin: Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).

Directions for use:
In a cup pour 1 teaspoon of tea, pour 2 teaspoons of tea in a glass. The water should have a temperature of 96 degrees. C (water after about 2 minutes from boiling). It is recommended to brew tea for 3-4 minutes.

Net weight: 50g.