BLANX ANTI- AGE paste 75ml


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  • Blanx anti-age is the only whitening and protective paste that also has anti-aging properties. It contains in its composition special selected minerals supporting the enamel housing.

Water, glycerol, silica, sorbitol, PEG-32, cellulose resin, sodium lauryl sulfate, xylitol, Icelandic lichen, capillary, tropical bamboo, sodium monofluorophosphate (0.8%), peppermint (medical), menthol, extract from papaya fruit, sodium fluoride (0.08%), sodium saccharin, anethole, titanium dioxide, methylparaben, propylparaben.

Tooth enamel is constantly exposed to harmful acids, thus losing minerals, among others, calcium ions, phosphates, dissolved in saliva. This process causes the enamel to become weaker and turns into a sensitive porous mesh that is easily attacked by caries. The anti-age blanx paste contains oligo- mineral elements, thanks to which it helps rebuild the enamel, preventing the aging of teeth.
The product also has properties that provide the best protection against caries, tartar and gum disease. Removes sediment and blemishes helping to maintain natural whiteness of teeth. Thanks to the content of only natural ingredients, the paste works very gently and is safe for the enamel.

The product is recommended for people over 35 years of age.

Directions for use:
Brush your teeth daily with a small amount of toothpaste.