BLANX BioRepair Night 75ml


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  • BLANX BioRepair Night is a paste that repairs enamel during sleep. The paste intensively nourishes and prevents bad breath. Regularly used provides the best antibacterial protection.

The paste consists of small microrepair particles made of a substitute for zinc carbonate apatite, which is the main mineral component of the teeth.
BioRepair does not contain fluoride, so it can be safely used even by children under 7 years of age.

The BioRepair paste protects teeth against acids and bacteria due to its antibacterial properties, it also prevents the formation of unpleasant breathing. At night, teeth are particularly exposed to acids formed after a meal. Even after brushing your teeth with normal paste in the resulting, invisible gaps, bacteria, pigments and stone can accumulate, causing tooth decay and deterioration of the general condition of your teeth.

The bioactive microparticles contained in the paste are similar in structure to those in the teeth. After brushing your teeth with BioRepair, the released micro-particles combine with the structure of enamel and dentine, penetrate even the smallest gaps and thus repair the surface of the teeth. Zinc ions, which are released from microrepair molecules and PCA zinc, have antibacterial properties, prevent the formation of scale and unpleasant breathing.
During sleep, the paste forms an invisible protective coating on the teeth, thanks to which, after waking up, the breath is still fresh and the teeth stay healthy for a long time.

Indications: The
product is indicated for comprehensive care of teeth and mouth.

How to use:
Before going to bed, brush your teeth, applying a small amount of toothpaste.