BLANX MED White Shock liquid 500ml


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  • BlanX White Shock Liquid is an absolute novelty that will surprise you with its effectiveness! Thanks to the innovative formula, the liquid helps to recover natural teeth white and refresh breath for a long time. Contains a patented ActiluX ingredient activated with light.

patented ActiluX ingredient

BlanX White Shock Liquid is a special preparation, having an innovative, advanced formula with a patented ActiluX ingredient activated with light that will help whiten your teeth in a flashy and safe way. This component is activated by light and initiates a photochemical reaction with oxygen and water contained in the oral microflora. In addition, BlanX White Shock is a great preparation for daily oral hygiene and thanks to the use of special ingredients ensures a long-lasting breath freshening effect. BlanX White Shock is present in a large, economical packaging.

BlanX White Shock Liquid, works on three levels: has a bleaching effect: ActiluX eliminates pigmentation pigments and restores natural whiteness of teeth. Antibacterial activity: helps remove bacteria from the oral microflora and provides effective protection of areas inaccessible to the toothbrush. A refreshing effect: the pleasant aroma of fresh mint lasts almost all day.

For daily oral hygiene. Avoid swallowing.