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BLEND A DENT Plus adhesive cream, Best crumb protection technology

WICK Pharma - branch of Procter & Gamble GmbH

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BLEND A DENT Plus adhesive cream. Best crumb protection technology

Pack size:40g Dosage form:cream

Premium adhesive cream crumb protection to prevent food residue from penetrating under the denture.

• Prevents as much as possible that disturbing food residues such as: B. grains or nuts get under your prosthesis
• Precision dosing tip

BLEND A DENT Plus adhesive cream, Best crumb protection technology:


For worry-free eating with full and partial dentures.

  • Best crumb protection*: up to 5x better protection thanks to the ultra-fine tip
  • Crumb protection ensures that no food remains get under the denture
  • 75% finer tip (compared to blend-a-dent Complete) for best crumb protection and easy application as a line
  • Strong hold* and secure fit of the prosthesis
  • Improved wearing comfort than without adhesive and individually adjusted fit thanks to the formation of a cushion between the gums and the denture
  • Neutral in taste for unadulterated eating pleasure
  • Suitable for full and partial dentures
  • blend-a-dent is Germany's No. 1 denture adhesive cream**

**Source: AC Nielsen, sales Germany 2018

The crumb protection* of our premium adhesive cream keeps food residue away and ensures a strong hold all day long. Does it bother you when food scraps get under your dentures? Then our best crumb protection technology* is the perfect solution.

The 75% finer tip** makes it easier to apply in precise lines rather than individual dots. This means that this blend-a-dent Plus offers 5x more crumb protection. The stronger adhesion means your dentures will always stay in place, no matter what you eat. The cushioning effect ensures even more comfort. blend-a-dent Plus Best crumb protection technology is tasteless for unaffected eating pleasure.

*blend-a-dent products

**compared to blend-a-dent Complete.

***vs. Prosthesis without adhesive.


  1. Clean and dry the prosthesis
  2. Apply a thin layer of adhesive cream as shown
  3. Insert the prosthesis and press it briefly

Calcium/Zinc PVM/MA Copolymer (33%), Paraffinum Liquidum, Petrolatum, Cellulose Gum (20%), Silica, CI 15985, CI 45410