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BLEND A DENT Plus, adhesive cream, Best hold

WICK Pharma - branch of Procter & Gamble GmbH

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BLEND A DENT Plus adhesive cream Best hold

Pack size:40g Dosage form:cream

Offers you a long-lasting and even stronger hold throughout the day (compared to blend-a-dent Extra Strong), giving you self-confidence and spontaneity.

• Fast, powerful bond between denture and gums.

blend-a-dent Plus Best Hold Adhesive Cream

For secure attachment of partial and full dentures.

blend-a-dent Plus Best Hold Adhesive Cream

  • blend-a-dent PLUS premium adhesive with a neutral taste, specially developed for the best hold within the blend-a-dent line.
  • UNBEATABLE HOLD within the blend-a-dent line of denture adhesives: up to 88% effective hold at the end of the day.
  • Holds 10x stronger than without denture adhesive creams.
  • Stronger adhesion compared to blend-a-dent Original: Holds dentures securely in place throughout the day.
  • Guarantees improved wearing comfort and an individually adapted fit thanks to the formation of a cushion between the gums and the prosthesis.
  • Crumb protection: Seals against the penetration of food particles under the denture.
  • For full and partial dentures.