BLEPHACLEAN sterile wipes eyes x 20 pcs. vision care

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  • BLEPHACLEAN 20 comprises a hypoallergenic prepared for immediate use wipes, eye care products, and the pieces and before and after ocular surgery.

Hyaluronic acid, lipacid extract, iris Florentine iris florentina extract pennywort ki Asian Centella asiatica. Action: hypoallergenic wipes Blephaclean have moisturizing and soothing. Gently dissolve and remove located on the edges of the eyelids contaminants and bacteria, have regenerating and anti-inflammatory. Indications:Wipes bleohaclean should be used whenever you want to properly take care of your eyes and eyelids. It is especially before, or after surgery or ophthalmic surgery, eg. After cataract surgery or intravitreal injection. The product is also recommended for contact lens wearers. Usage: Handkerchief applied to closed eyelids and eyelashes, and then gently massage using a circular motion. Clean the edge of the eyelids, pressing gently at the base of the eyelashes.For each eye should use a different tissue. Wipes are odorless and leaves no greasy film on the skin, and therefore do not require rinsing after use.