Błonnislim Go x 48 tablets, lose body weight


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  • BŁONNISLIM GO is a natural preparation which reduces appetite and stimulates the process of reducing body fat and stimulates the metabolism. Promotes weight loss program.

8 pastilles comprising: oligofructose, 6400 mg, 4000 mg of powdered pineapple, green tea extract 160 mg

The preparation is characterized by a complex and unique composition. It consists of powdered pineapple, which is a source of enzymes that affect the efficient digestion of proteins, lipids and starch. Green tea contains polyphenols stimulate and accelerate the conversion of fat into energy. Use of the preparation process helps reduce body fat.
It also contains fiber, responsible for regulating the metabolism of foods and supporting the cleansing of the body.

It is recommended to use the product in the context of supporting slimming diet, to reduce appetite and speed up the fat burning.

How to use:
Use orally at a dose of not more than 8 tablets / 24.