BLUE BERRY x 120 tablets, blueberry, blueberries nutrition

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  • Blue Berry, blueberry (blueberries nutrition) is a complex dietary supplement, whose task is to assist the natural eye health and visual function. The product particularly indicated in case of fatigue and weakness of vision and for people working at the computer a lot.

In one tablet: microcrystalline cellulose, plant extracts: from the American variety bilberry 200 mg, firefly 100 mg, dicalcium phosphate (stabilizer), marigold extract 40 mg starch, potato, grape seed extract 20 mg magnesium stearate ( s. anticaking agent), silicon dioxide (p. anticaking).

The beneficial effects of the formulation is based on the activity of the herbal ingredients: bioavailable extract of bilberry, lutein contained in the extract of marigold and supporting extracts of grape seeds and skylight.

Blue Berry is a food supplement for adults to help take care of the eyes, especially in the case of fatigue and weakness of sight. It can be used by individuals on a vegetarian diet or vegan.

The preparation should not be taken by children, pregnant and lactating women. It should not take people who are hypersensitive to any component of the supplement.

daily 2 tablets with meals.
The formulation is present in packages of 60 or 120 tablets.