Blue green algae powder spirulina, ORGANIC

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Blue green algae powder spirulina, ORGANIC

pack size:250g Dosage form:powder

ORGANIC SPIRULINA by Bluegreen powder

ORGANIC SPIRULINA from Bluegreen Capsules

Vitality and freshness

These SPIRULINA are grown in the inner-Mongolian steppe under controlled organic conditions - far away from any industry. The climate is ideal for growing, with an abundance of sunny days and optimal temperatures. The water used comes from a depth of 500 m and is therefore rich in trace elements and minerals.

6g powder contains 120% * vitamin A *** 1, 16% *  B122 and 21% * iron3, which are important for **


Blue green algae powder spirulina, ORGANIC:


• your iron1 and energy2,3 metabolism
• your vision1
• your neurological and psychological functions3
• your Immune system1,2,3
• the reduction of exhaustion3
• the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin2
• your homocysteine ​​metabolism2

* % of the daily reference amount for an average adult
** these statements cannot be transferred to spirulina from other manufacturers
*** calculated from ß-carotene

Blue green algae powder spirulina, ORGANIC intake Recommended


amount:  6-8g daily (approx. 1-2 teaspoons) *
When:  in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast
How:  with sufficient liquid

Ingredients/ Blue green algae powder spirulina, ORGANIC nutritional values


100% organic Spirulina Platensis * contains sulphites by nature

* from organic production, free from additives and preservatives, synthetic colors and added sugar

Production:  Germany

Dietary supplements Blue green algae powder spirulina, ORGANIC are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.