BLUMAG SHORT ONLY DUO x 30 + 30 capsules (60 capsules)


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BluMAG Contraction is the only one in the form of duo capsules for day and night, which contains a unique set of ingredients to prevent the occurrence of annoying and painful muscle spasms. The preparation supplements the daily diet with magnesium, potassium and vitamin B6.

BLUMAG Composition:
Capsule with magnesium and vitamin B6: magnesium daily dose in one 375 mg capsule, vitamin B6 daily portion in one 1.4 mg
capsule. Potassium capsule: daily dose of 1 320 mg capsule.

Operation BLUMAG:
BluMAG shrinkage only in the form of modern Duo capsules for day and night, it helps to complement any deficiencies valuable for the proper functioning of muscles and nerves substance. BluMAG contains a large dose of magnesium and potassium, which help reduce annoying and painful muscle spasms. The use of the preparation is also recommended for fatigue and weakness of the body, as well as for high physical effort and increased nervous tension.

BLUMAG Application:
BluMag, deduced to people with a tendency to muscle cramps (e.g. eyelid twitching, leg cramps), and during fatigue, weakness and increased physical activity

Dosage BLUMAG:
During the day: 1 capsule with magnesium and vitamin B6, during a meal or after meal with water or other liquid.
In the evening: 1 capsule with potassium, with or without food, with a glass of water or another liquid.