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Bobik D vitamin D3 x 30 capsules twist-off, vitamin d deficiency, vitamin d supplement, 1 year+

Novascon Pharmaceuticals

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  • The presence of vitamin D3 is essential for normal child development. It affects the regulation of calcium - phosphorus in the body - is responsible for the proper development and bone mineralization.

Vitamin D3, refined vegetable oil - filling substance, gelatine, glycerol - a stabilizer. Action: A newborn baby for the proper development needs many nutrients, which are obtained from the mother's food. Mother's milk does not contain sufficient amount of vitamin D3 is further need is still 400 to 800 IU per day, this corresponds to 1-2 drops that should be administered from three weeks of age. It allows the absorption of calcium in the intestines, which then is deposited in the bones - thus It prevents rickets also affects the normal periodontal status and tooth. Dosage: Infants 1 year of age - but the capsule "twist off" Children over 1 year of age - 2 capsules "twist off" preparation administered during a meal. For consumption is only intended capsule contents. The contents of the squeeze on a teaspoon or enter directly into the baby's mouth.