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Bobolen Vitamin D x 30 capsules twist-off

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  • The capsules twist-off Bobolen Vitamin D is an easy and convenient way to provide your child the necessary servings of vitamin D. It is responsible for the proper functioning of muscles and the proper development of the skeletal system.

Capsule content: MCT: phytomenadione, capsule shell gelatin, humectant: glycerol, water. The capsule contains: Vitamin D - 10mcg (200% of the daily recommended intake).

Bobolen Vitamin D is a dietary food for special medical purposes to be used to supplement vitamin D deficiency in infants, children and adults. Vitamin D is involved in the growth and development of bones, has an essential role in the proper functioning of the muscle and immune. During infancy and childhood deficiency can lead to rickets and autoimmune and inflammatory diseases that develop with increasing age. The synthesis of vitamin D in the body speeds up the sun in our climate zone due to lack of sufficient number of sunny days Vitamin D deficiency is much more common, is therefore reason in favor of the use of supplementation of vitamin D.

Bobolen Vitamin D recommended for breastfed infants, prevention of rickets in children and adults to make up deficiencies of vitamin D.

Additional information:
Nutritional value in 1 capsule: energy value - 6,78kJ / 1,65kcal; protein - g 0; carbohydrates - g 0; sugars - 0 g; fat - 0.183g, including: saturates - 0.183 g; fiber - g 0; sodium - 0 g. should not be used in case of hypersensitivity to any component.

How to use:
It is recommended to take the contents of one capsule daily or as directed by your doctor. Tear off the protection cap and squeeze the contents directly into the mouth or dissolve in the food. Do not allow to swallow the capsule shell. Do not exceed the recommended dose.