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BOCKSHORN (Fenugreek) + MICRONUTRIENT hair capsules

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BOCKSHORN (Fenugreek) + MICRONUTRIENT hair capsules 180 pcs

BOCKSHORN + MICRONUTRIENT Fenugreek + micronutrient hair capsules
Food for special medical purposes (

balanced diet) For diet management in the case of hormonally hereditary hair loss and thinning hair in women, eg during the menopause.

With hair problems, women often suffer from hormonally hereditary, i.e. androgenetic / genetic hair growth disorders. The trigger can be hormonal fluctuations. These impair the overly sensitive hair roots and thus disrupt the hair growth process. Thinning hair or ultimately hormonally hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) can be the result.

Against this background, it is advisable to positively influence the diet management of the corresponding women through diet. The nutritional intake with fenugreek + micronutrient hair capsules responds to these medically conditioned nutritional needs and, thanks to their properties and characteristics, supports the hair roots and the hair growth process. The effect of the combination contained in the products is clinically confirmed by sensible diet management. (Current Dermatology 2011; 37th year, page: 171–175 ISSN 0340-2541)

BOCKSHORN (Fenugreek) + MICRONUTRIENT hair capsules Diet management:

means the long-term nutritional adjustment to cover a medically-related nutritional requirement .

Fenugreek + micronutrient hair capsules Consumption recommendation:

For successful diet management in the case of hereditary hair loss or hair growth disorders, we recommend women to take the fenugreek + micronutrient hair capsules for six months. The first positive results can already be seen after 4 months. To do this, take 2 capsules a day in the morning - ideally with the first meal of the day. If the malfunctions reappear afterwards, we recommend that you use it again every day. Fenugreek + micronutrient hair capsules can safely be taken over a longer period of time or permanently.

BOCKSHORN (Fenugreek) + MICRONUTRIENT hair capsules Ingredients:

Sunflower oil; Fenugreek seed extract; Gelatin (beef); Ascorbic acid; Humectant: glycerin; Da-tocopherol 1000; Nicotinamide; Emulsifier: lecithins; Bulking agent: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids; Calcium D-phantothenate; Zinc oxide; Pyridoxine HCl; Thiamine mononitrate; Riboflavin; Copper (II) sulfate; Biotin; Folic acid; Potassium iodate; Sodium selenate; Colorants: iron oxide, red and yellow, titanium oxide

For foods for special medical purposes (balanced diets), the legislator prescribes the following important information: Fenugreek + micronutrient hair capsules are to be used under medical supervision and are not a complete food that is suitable as the only source of nutrition. Store out of the reach of children and protect from moisture and heat!
For diet management in the case of hormonally hereditary hair loss and hair growth disorders in women. Due to the intended purpose and the nutritional requirements of the persons concerned, all maximum amounts of vitamins and trace elements are exceeded.

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