BOIRON ALLIUM CEPA 5CH 4G, rhinallergy, rhinopharyngitis, seasonal allergies


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BOIRON ALLIUM CEPA 5CH 4G, rhinallergy, rhinopharyngitis, seasonal allergies

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that is based on the principle of LIKE - a similarity that exists between the toxic action of a substance and its therapeutic potential.
Homeopathy is used in infants, children, pregnant women and adults. The efficacy of treatment is age-independent. It allows treatment of a large number of diseases in everyday life - such as seasonal allergies, recurrent ENT illnesses, influenza and flu-like conditions, certain nervous system disorders, skin, gastrointestinal, gynecological and other diseases.
Homeopathy works by stimulating the natural defense mechanisms of the body. It has a rapid action in acute diseases (flu, rhinopharyngitis, etc.).
Homeopathic monoprepresents are mainly available in the form of granules that are taken under the tongue and left to completely melt without crushing or swallowing. The most commonly recommended dose is 5 granules per dose or all of the strength when taking small globules.
It is recommended that homeopathic medicinal products be taken away from the meals (15-20 minutes before or after meals) and there should be no particular taste in the mouth of a highly aromatic substance (mint, coffee, cigarettes ...)

1. Pull the strap to release the cap.
2. Turn the vial.
3. Turn the cap.
4. Remove the cap.
5. Pour the granules directly under the tongue

Main indications :
* rhinitis - allergic and infectious

* often sneezing, with secretion of a large amount of scalp, affecting the area of ​​the nose and upper lip
* eye irritation, tearing
Green = 5 CH
Blue = 9 CH
Orange = 15 CH
Pale Palette = 30 CH