BOIRON APIS MELLIFICA 5CH 4g, viral conjunctivitis


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BOIRON APIS MELLIFICA 5CH 4g, viral conjunctivitis


APIS MELLIFICA 5CH Tube Granules is a homeopathic medicine with one of the widest fields of application. Its use is recommended in the treatment of various pathologies.

APIS MELLIFICA 5CH granules are used:

* In ENT: To treat the important otitis observed in children and adults as well as the suppuration of the ears. In children, Apis Mellifica is particularly effective in treating serous and viral otitis.

* In ophthalmology: To treat occasional and chronic conjunctivitis accompanied by chemosis. Apis Mellifica is also indicated for allergy and viral conjunctivitis as well as conjunctivitis in infants. Apis Mellifica is also recommended in the treatment of cysts, various forms of chalazion or eyelid infection. Apis Mellifica is particularly effective in treating styes.

* In gynecology: Apis Mellifica is used for the treatment of ovaritis or inflammation of the ovaries.

* In urology: Apis Mellifica is particularly indicated for people with difficulty in urine emission.

Instructions for use:

* Reverse and turn the cap to remove the granules from the tube.
* Do not put granules in the palm of your hand to administer them.
* For adults and children over 6 years old, let them melt under the tongue.
* For children under 6, dissolve the granules in a little water.


To be adapted according to the medical prescription, the dosage being variable according to the pathology to be treated.

Method of administration:

Oral use.

To be taken apart from meals, tobacco, coffee or mint.

Allow the granules to melt under the tongue.


* Allergy to any of the components of this medication.
* Galactosemia, glucose and galactose malabsorption syndrome, lactose deficiency.

For more information on contraindications, warnings, precautions for use, drug interactions, adverse effects, you should consult your doctor.


Based on sucrose and lactose, the granules are impregnated with the homeopathic dilution of Apis Mellifica 5CH.

Packaging: tube of 4 grams granules or 80 granules.