BOIRON Borax 9CH 4g, genital herpes treatments


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BOIRON Borax 9CH 4g, genital herpes treatments

BORAX 9CH, genital herpes treatments




features homeopathic medicines (granules, dose-cells) Boiron:

* The homeopathic medicines name Boiron, frequently marketed in the form of granules of tubes and dose-blood cells do not carry, Nor therapeutic indication, nor dosage, nor notice.

* These drugs have the particularity of being able to treat different affections. Therefore, it is not possible to determine a specific indication or a specific dose per drug.

* It is the health professional who will determine the indication of the drug and its dosage according to the patient.

* Nevertheless the pharmacists of the site parapharmacie-chezmoi give you the main and most usual uses for these homeopathic medicines.

The various dilutions of homeopathic medicinal products (granules, dose-blood cells) Boiron:

Homeopathic tubes and their caps 7 are of different colors representing the main dilution heights. Caution for certain drugs of dilutions do not exist.

General information different dilutions:

* Low Dilution
(4CH and 5CH): The low dilutions are used for acute and specific cases, limited in time. The homeopathic granules are taken 2 to 3 times a day.

* Average
dilution (7CH and 9CH): Average dilutions are the most common. It takes on appearance at the disappearance of the symptoms.

* High Dilution
(12CH, 15CH and 30CH): High dilutions are used for chronic cases, which last over time. The homeopathic granules are taken once a week or fortnight.

Attention homeopathy is an individualized treatment, two patients with the same condition or the same symptoms can receive a different treatment according to the individual signs that predominate in one and the other.



BORAX 9CH Tube Granules is a homeopathic medicine usually used in stomatology, in behavioral disorders and in gynecology.

The granules of BORAX 9 CH are used:

* In stomatology:
in case of buccal aphthous.

* In behavioral disorders:
in the case of naupathy (motion sickness).

* In gynecology:
in case of genital herpes.

Manual :

* Reverse and turn the cap to remove the granules from the tube.
* Do not put granules in the palm of your hand to administer them.
* For adults and children over 6 years old, let them melt under the tongue.
* For children under 6, dissolve the granules in a little water.

* In case of genital herpes:
take 5 granules of Borax 9CH as soon as the first symptoms appear and repeat the dose every two hours until the symptoms disappear.

* In case of mouth ulcers:take 5 granules of Borax 9CH as soon as the first symptoms appear and repeat the dose every two hours until the symptoms disappear.

* For motion sickness:take 5 granules of Borax 9CH every hour during the trip until the subject no longer feels any discomfort.

These dosages are given as an indication, they are frequently used but for more information you can consult your doctor or contact the pharmacists.

Method of administration:

Oral use.

To be taken apart from meals, tobacco, coffee or mint.

Allow the granules to melt under the tongue.


* Allergy to any of the components of this medication.
* Galactosemia, glucose and galactose malabsorption syndrome, lactose deficiency.

For more information on contraindications, warnings, precautions for use, drug interactions, adverse effects, you shouldconsult your doctor or contact the pharmacists of Composition:Based on sucrose and lactose, the granules are impregnated with the homeopathic dilution of Borax 9CH.

Tube granules of 4 grams or 80 granules. If your symptoms persist and / or you experience side effects you should consult your doctor.