BOLDOVERA x 30 tablets digestive system disorders


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  • The preparation used in Digestive system disorders (feeling of fullness and bloating) caused by reduced secretion of bile. Also contraction of the urinary symptoms and biliary tract. Incidentally, in constipation.

1 tablet. contains 15 mg of dry extract alony (standardized content of 20% anthra based on the aloin), 10 mg of dry extract of the herb of the smoke box (standardized to the content of 2% of alkaloids calculated as protopine) and 1 mg boldyny.

Operation of formulation combined action of the components . Relaxant effect on smooth muscle within the duodenum, bile ducts; stimulates the secretory function of the liver and stomach and acts mildly laxative, Digestive system disorders.

Indications Digestive system disorders (feeling of fullness and bloating) due to reduced secretion of bile. Systolic discomfort and biliary tract.Incidentally, constipation due to impaired secretion.

Contraindications Hypersensitivity to the components of the preparation for Digestive system disorders. Active peptic ulcer disease, biliary obstruction, severe hepatic failure, acute inflammation of the bile ducts, kidneys and intestines, menstrual flow. Pregnancy and lactation. Children under 13 years of age Used with caution in cholelithiasis.

Dosage Oral. Adults: 1-2 tablets. before meals (up to 4 times a day); in chronic constipation Table 1-3. once before bedtime. It must not be used for more than 7-10 days.