Bone, Flesh and Cartilage 480 mg 100 Capsules

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Bone, Flesh and Cartilage 480 mg 100 Capsules

Patented mixture containing extracts of: white oak bark, black pod, gravel-grass root, white rose root, mulberry leaf, red elm bark and calendula.

Red elm is a tree that is typical of North America (USA and Canada). Its bark contains glue, complex carbohydrates, tannins, calcium oxalate, phytosterols, sesquiterpenes, flavonoids, salicylic, capric, caprylic and decanoic acids, and vitamin E. It has a calming and emollient effect. Helps treat secretory lesions, diarrhea or bleeding. It also contributes to the greater elasticity of the tissues.

Marigold is a flower with a yellow to bright orange color. The flavonoids contained in it help the body deal with various allergens, viruses and more. Its extract has a strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. It also reduces spasms of the smooth muscles of blood vessels and internal organs.

White rose root extract helps to soothe the digestive tract, relieves digestion and helps relieve gastrointestinal irritation. It also relieves the symptoms associated with some inflammatory bowel diseases and helps with mild inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

White oak bark has a burning and anti-inflammatory effect. Its extract helps with hair loss, wounds, gingivitis, hemoptysis, bad breath and more.

Mulberry is a biennial hairy-fibrous herbaceous plant. It is also known as the sheep's tail. It has emollient, anti-inflammatory and expectorant action due to the saponins and mucous substance contained in it.

Black walnut originates from North and South America. It is related to the Bulgarian walnut, also called Persian. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Its pod has a bactericidal effect, helps heal wounds, strengthens teeth and gums and more. Black walnut is also used for skin problems such as lichen, eczema, exudative diathesis, psoriasis, purulent and allergic diseases, acne.

Bone, Flesh and Cartilage Application:

Significantly strengthens and accelerates the recovery of joints, bones, tissues and cartilage.

Bone, Flesh and Cartilage Notes:

Red elm should not be taken with medication, as this may interfere with their absorption. Do not use as a substitute for a varied and complete diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Bone, Flesh and Cartilage Dosage:

2 capsules a day, preferably with food or prepared as tea.

Contents: in 2 caps. days dose
Patented mixture
White oak (bark), gravel-grass (root), medicinal rose (root), mulberry (leaf), black walnut (pod), red elm (bark), calendula (flower).
960 mg 960 mg

Other ingredients: gelatin (capsule).

  • Food supplement.
    Keep out of reach of small children.
    Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
    The product is not a substitute for a varied diet.