Borage, borage seed oil, squalane, sunflower oil, OSA scab spray


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OSA scab spray, Borage, borage seed oil, squalane, sunflower oil

Borage, borage seed oil, squalane, sunflower oil, Osa ® Scab Spray

pack size:30ml Dosage form:spray

Active ingredients:
borage seed oil (borage), sunflower oil, squalane, rosemary extract and vitamin E

Depending on the strength and intensity of the head gneiss, two or more pump strokes are necessary. The spray is sprayed into your own hand and then applied to the affected areas on baby's head and massaged in. Osa Scab loosens the crusts of dried tallow after an exposure time of 5-15 minutes. The scales can be gently lifted and removed with the enclosed comb or brush.

The scales on baby's head are the result of an overproduction of natural sebum. The head gneiss can appear on the scalp, around the eyebrows, eyelids and ears or on the neck of the child and can be easily removed with our purely herbal Osa ® Scab Spray.

Osa® _Scab Spray contains purely plant-based active ingredients such as borage seed oil ("cucumber herb"), sunflower oil, rosemary extract and vitamin E. The product was specially developed to remove gneiss on the head and contains a composition of components that is precisely tailored to this. The oil mixture moisturizes the dry dandruff and facilitates its detachment from the scalp. It also promotes the healing process and has a moisturizing, blood circulation-promoting and caring effect.

Cradle cap or real scab is a pre-form of neurodermatitis, harder, itchy skin flakes form that are weeping and often form blisters. In this case, a visit to the pediatrician is recommended.