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Braces MARCIN II (per day)


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  • Braces Marcin II, is simple to use, made of skin friendly material product that worn during the day do not mind walking. The camera used in the prevention and treatment of hallux valgus (Hallux Valgus).

The package contains 2 pieces wedges and 2 pegs.

The camera correction Marcin II, is an innovative product correction, which can be freely used during walking and regular use during the day gives you the opportunity to prevention and treatment of hallux valgus. The camera is made of soft, skin-friendly material in the flesh color. The size of the camera Marcin II is universal and fits every foot. To brace "Marcin II" - as only one of the wedges interdigital - the pins attached strut used, depending on the extent of the defect.

How to use:
After washing the feet and performing gymnastics (Hold hands, large and small toe and extend in opposite directions (on the outside) to the borders of pain, endure a few seconds. Exercise several times.) We assume the camera on foot.
The camera should be placed between the I and II finger foot holes to the top and narrower part of the inside of the foot. The camera are attached pegs that placing the holes is used, depending on the extent of the defect.