BREAST PADS LOVI Day & Night x 20 pieces 19/606


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  • BREAST PADS LOVI Day & Night very well protect underwear and clothing from stains which are the result of leakage of milk from the breast. They characterized by high absorbency and are extremely discreet.

LOVI pads Breast Day & Night is a product that effectively protects lingerie and clothes from dirt associated with leakage of milk from the breast of freshly baked there. It characterized by a contoured, making inserts perfectly fit to the chest. It has gently finished edges that are very discreet and do not cause skin irritation. Each puts consists of 4 absorbent and protective layers. Despite this distinguished thinness and remains invisible under clothing. Inside the insert a cartridge gelling milk which turns into a gel and prevents moisture from leaking to the outside. Thanks to the long strap adhesive pad does not move well and keeps bra. Breast pads LOVI Day & Night hinder skin respiration, as well breathable. Each insert is located in a sealed bag, which ensures the highest hygiene.

Apply pads to protect underwear and clothing from dirt associated with lactation. Recommended for women after childbirth.

used externally. The insert must be removed from the bag and properly attached to the bra. After use, it should be discarded (disposable product).