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BREAST PADS LOVI Day & Night x 60 pieces 19/607


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  • BREAST PADS LOVI Day & Night help to increase the comfort of a mother breastfeeding. They are leaking absorb food and protect against the formation of stains on clothing or underwear.

LOVI pads Breast Day & Night is a very practical and useful product that should be included in the dowry, we have freshly baked. The inserts are responsible for excellent protection underwear and clothing from stains that are relevant to leakage of breast milk. They consist of four layers that are thin and ensure privacy. They have a profiled shape, which facilitates their adaptation to the breast. With delicately finished edges, the inserts do not irritate the skin. Inside them you can find the contribution of gelling. This is what he makes leaked food is changed into a gel. Prevents the escape of moisture to the outside. Long strip of adhesive prevents movement of the insert. Thanks to insert effectively holding up bra. Breast pads LOVI Day & Night are packed separately in sealed bags, which guarantee the highest hygiene.

It is recommended to use inserts in the framework of the protection of underwear and clothing from stains associated with lactation (especially in women after childbirth). They are intended for single use only.

used externally. The insert must be removed from the bag and properly attached to the bra. After use, it should be discarded into the trash (disposable product).