Breast pain? - MASTODYNON® BIORONICA® N60 Menstrual Cycle Changes, PMS


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Breast pain? - MASTODYNON ® BIORONICA® N60 Menstrual Cycle Changes, PMS, Infertility
Menstrual Cycle Changes, Breast pain? - Mastodynon® x 60 tabl.
- Homoeopathic medicine with complaints before and during the monthly period and with irregular monthly periods (cycle disorders), PMS.
Composition of MASTODYNON PMS: Tabletten 1 Stück / 1 Tabl. contains:
Vitex agnus-castus (hom./anthr.) ∅ 162.0 mg
Caulophyllum thalictroides (hom./anthr.) D4 81.0 mg
Cyclamen europaeum (hom./anthr.) D4 81.0 mg
Strychnos ignatii (hom./anthr.) D6 81.0 mg
Iris versicolor (hom./anthr.) D2 162.0 mg
Lilium lancifolium (hom./anthr.) D3 81.0 mg
How can you use Mastodinon tablets?
Unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor take one tablet twice daily with liquid. Mastodinon should be taken for at least three months, taking not interrupted during menstruation. Decreases were observed usually after 6 weeks of treatment. If complaints reappear after discontinuation of treatment, it should be continued after consulting a doctor. Due to the good tolerability of the drug product, it is suitable for long-term treatment. Do not use in children under 12 years due to lack of experience with the use of the product in this age.
PMS MASTODYNON® is effective thanks to its unique combination of active substances from the chaste tree (monk’s pepper), cyclamen, tiger lily, ignatius bean, blue cohosh and iris.
With the aid of its herbal components, PMS Mastodynon® supports the restoration of the natural balance of female hormones and the regulation of the menstrual cycle. Premenstrual breast pain (mastodynia) was relieved.