Breathing exercise, breathing exercises Respiron

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Breathing exercise, breathing exercises Respiron

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For inspiratory breathing exercises - the only 3-chamber breathing trainer with an adjustable level of difficulty!

Breathing exercise, breathing exercises:

  • Trains and strengthens your respiratory muscles
  • Promotes deep breathing
  • Helps in avoiding bronchial and lung diseases

The RespirOn is a flow-based breathing training device that was developed to improve breathing and to support the restoration of normal breathing patterns (= adoption of healthy, deep breathing in everyday life).

The RespirOn strengthens and trains the respiratory muscles by promoting controlled, slow and deep breathing. Training with the RespirOn is used to restore and maintain the existing lung volume.

Breathing exercise, breathing exercises- Deep, slow, and focused breathing has a number of positive effects:
  • it supports the maintenance of lung volume and function after inactive phases,
  • it increases the transpulmonary pressure and the inhalation volume,
  • it supports patients after heart and lung operations in restoring lung function and
  • it can be used as part of daily bronchial cleansing (removing excess mucus from the lungs).