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Manual, flow-oriented breathing trainer.

Tri-Ball breathing trainer

  • manual, flow-oriented breathing trainer
  • inspiratory breathing exercises
  • variable flow rate
  • Flow indicator: 600/900 / 1,200 ml
  • The Tri-Ball breathing trainer is free of latex and epoxy resin!

The TRI-BALL breathing trainer is the classic among manual, flow-oriented breathing trainers. To date, more than a million patients have been treated with the TRI-BALL in German clinics.

You will learn how to breathe correctly with the help of the three balls. Training with the TRI-BALL can bring relief, especially in the case of disorders in the pulmonary system, shortness of breath, problems with the bronchi and reduced oxygen supply. The breathing exercises for deep inhalation are an important part of regeneration and recovery.

Exercising will help you restore your normal breathing behavior more quickly and reduce the risk of breathing complications.