BRISTOT Gentile friendly coffee stomach 250g


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  • BRISTOT Gentile is an Italian espresso coffee, which is a combination of fine Arabica beans and 70% Robusty30%. Bristot Gentile certainly will appeal to connoisseurs and people with a sensitive stomach, heartburn and indigestion miewającym the classic coffee.

Arabica 70% Robusta 30%. Firing: medium. Coffee Bristot Gentile contains caffeine.

Bristot Gentile is a unique, expertly prepared blend of selected Arabica beans and Robusta class, which in the extraction process are dewaxed. This innovative process, affects the loss of 70% of wax, which, according to recent studies on the effect irritation of the stomach and intestines. Preparing grain Bristot Gentile, does not affect their taste and the coffee retains all the aroma and taste of true Italian espresso blends. Dewaxed grains, makes coffee Bristot Gentele is especially recommended for people who have been forced to give up eating classic coffee because: indigestion, heartburn and other ailments of the digestive system. In the extraction process, the grain also lose a small part of the caffeine, which does not affect their body and mind stimulating properties. Coffee Bristot Gentile, suitable for preparation in espresso machines, overflow and classic piston zaparzarkach. The product is available exclusively in pharmacies.

Coffee Bristot Gentile is a mix of dedicated people with a sensitive stomach, miewającym heartburn and indigestion after eating a classically prepared coffee. Especially recommended for people with reflux or peptic ulcer.

Coffee for preparation in espresso machines, overflow and classic piston zaparzarkach.