BRITA MicroDisc Filter Pack 3 pc

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BRITA MicroDisc Filters. Treat yourself to great-tasting water everywhere - for up to 24 weeks. An inexpensive and sustainable alternative to bottled water.

• One BRITA MicroDisc is enough for approx. 4 weeks
• Easy to drink from water filter bottles and carafes thanks to the optimized water flow
• BPA-free (according to TÜV) - made of compressed natural activated carbon from coconut shells
• Suitable for BRITA fill & go water filter bottles and BRITA fill & serve water filter carafes

BRITA MicroDisc Filter Pack Filtration
The innovative BRITA MicroDisc Technology:
• Is characterized by compressed natural activated carbon from coconut shells
• Contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium
• Uses millions of pores to reduce taste-impairing substances such as chlorine

BRITA MicroDisc Filter Pack Handling
1. Simply hold it under running water, insert - done!
2. Suitable for all available BRITA fill & go and fill & serve systems.
3. For more information, see the instruction manual.