Bronchial asthma SAL EMS Factitium


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Bronchial asthma SAL EMS Factitium x 40 tabl. sparkling

  • Bronchial asthma SAL EMS is recommended in inflammatory conditions of the airways and bronchial asthma.


Bronchial asthma SAL EMS Factitium Composition:

1 tablet contains:
Active substance: artificial emska salt 450 mg, including: sodium hydrogen carbonate 318,150 mg, sodium bromide 0.045 mg, sodium phosphate anhydrous 0.225 mg, sodium chloride 121.500 mg, anhydrous sodium sulfate 4.050 mg, potassium sulfate 6.030 mg. Excipients: sucrose 38 mg, sodium bicarbonate, sodium benzoate, tartaric acid.
In the ions on + 213 mg, M + 3 mg, SO 4 2- 6 mg, Cl - 7.5 mg, Co 3 2- 408 mg, HPO 4 2- 150 mg, Br - 35 mcg. A solution of 4.5 g powdered artificial salt (10 tablets) in 1 liter of water has a composition similar to the composition of natural natural water.


Dosage Bronchial asthma SAL EMS Factitium:

Oral: Dissolve 1 to 2 tablets in half or in a whole glass of boiled water with milk or boiled, warm water. Drink three times a day after eating.