BRONCHICUM extract of thyme cough lozenges 50 pc


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Bronchicum ® extract of thyme cough lozenges

Active substance: Thyme herb dry extract.

Areas of application:
Traditionally used to support the solution of mucus when coughing in the context of colds.

Thyme cough lozenges Note:
Traditional herbal medicinal product for use with: "To support the mucus dissolution in the case of coughs in the context of colds", exclusively based on long-term use.

For cough lozenges, extract of thyme information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Traditionally used to support mucus loosening when coughing in the context of colds.

Naturally strong against coughs - from 6 years.

Bronchicum extract of thyme cough lozenges
- has a purely vegetable effect
- loosens the mucus
- soothes the bronchi

Ideal for on the go!

Bronchicum. And the cough is about

Bronchicum extract of thyme cough lozenges with the herbal active ingredient thyme loosen the mucus and so calm the irritated bronchi without suppressing the necessary expectoration.

Bronchicum extract of thyme cough lozenges are great for on the go.