BRONCHOSOL syrup 100ml, chesty cough, cough remedies 4+


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  • BRONCHOSOL a syrup of natural origin, which is suited for upper respiratory tract infections, accompanied by cough.

100ml syrup contains 4,36g extract thick composed of thyme and primrose root and 19,8mg thymol, Excipients: sucrose, orange flavor, purified water.

The syrup is characterized by a complex and natural composition responsible for the temporary alleviation of symptoms related to the infection of the upper respiratory tract. Neutralizes cough and shortness of breath. It stimulates the secretion of bronchial smooth.

- acute asthmatic attacks
- acute respiratory failure
- allergic to the ingredients

It is recommended to take the preparation for rhinitis upper respiratory tract and bronchi, accompanied by a cough and shortness of breath.

For adults recommended to take 15 ml x 3/24, in children aged 4-6 years given 2.5 ml x 3/24, in children aged 6-12 years use 5 ml x 3/24, au adolescents over 12 years of age with 10 ml x 3/24.