BUER LECITHIN Plus Vitamins, liquid 500 ml To strengthen the nerves

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Buer ® lecithin plus vitamins To strengthen the nerves

for physical and mental exhaustion

Buer ® lecithin plus vitamins
Areas of application: Traditional herbal medicine for use in states of exhaustion and for strengthening the nerves exclusively based on long-term use.

Contains sucrose (sugar). Note leaflet.

The preparation contains 16.4% alcohol by volume. Note leaflet!

Contains sucrose (sugar). Note leaflet!

For BUER LECITHIN  To strengthen the nerves information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

At a glance

  • Traditional herbal medicine for adults
  • To improve the condition of exhaustion
  • To strengthen the nerves

When hectic and stress dominate your everyday life or you often feel powerless, tired and quickly exhausted, your energy reserves need support. Because only when the body is optimally supplied can it regenerate and return to full performance. Buer ® Lecithin plus Vitamins is a herbal remedy that is used effectively here.

How does Buer ® Lecithin plus Vitamins work?
Buer ® Lecithin plus Vitamins is used in cases of exhaustion and to strengthen the nerves. The main component of the drug is the active ingredient lecithin, which plays an important role in the energy supply and the regeneration of body cells. The lecithin found in Buer ®It contains lecithin plus vitamins, is purely vegetable and is obtained from soybeans. Choline and phosphate are important basic building blocks of lecithin. While the phosphate serves as an energy supplier, the choline is converted in the body into neurotransmitters, which act as messenger substances for the interaction between the nerves and the brain. This mixture increases the performance and strengthens the nervous system. In addition, Buer ® Lecithin plus Vitamins contains various vitamins of the B complex, which additionally strengthen the nerves.

How is Buer ® Lecithin plus Vitamins used To strengthen the nerves in liquid form?
Buer ®Lecithin plus vitamins liquid is available in bottles of 750 ml and 500 ml. Adults take up to 3 measuring cups (20 ml each) daily. The medicine is not suitable for people under 18 years of age.

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