BUERLECITHIN VITA liquid 1000ml, excessive fatigue, lecithin, b12 b1 b6

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BUERLECITHIN VITA liquid 1000ml, excessive fatigue, lecithin, b12 b1 b6

  • BUERLECITHIN VITA comprises a vegetable phospholipid complexes with lecithins which affect the vital energy to raise the mature organism in conditions of excessive fatigue, physical and intellectual. BUERLECITHIN Especially recommended during convalescence.

100 ml contains: lecithin 10.4 g (vegetable phospholipid complex containing fosfatydocholinę, cephalin and inozytofosfatyd); riboflavin sodium phosphate, 4.8 mg (equivalent to ca. 3.5 mg vit. B2); vitamin B6 hydrochloride, 3.5 mg; vitamins B12 cyjanokompleks 2.5 mcg; Sodium D-pantothenate, 20 mg; niacinamide, 35 mg.

Excipients, including sucrose, ethanol, and cochineal red.
The product contains 16.4% alcohol.
The daily dose Vita Buerlecithin (60 ml) containing 5 grams of carbohydrates equivalent to 0.42 units bread.

The active ingredient is lecithin derived from soybeans. Included in its composition of unsaturated fatty acids normalize cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, preventing the formation of cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels. The product improves the working of the brain, heart, liver, skeletal muscle.

It is used in the alternative, fatigue, impaired concentration, memory disorders, hyperexcitability, periods of convalescence. Preventively and therapeutically in hypercholesterolemia.

Adults 3 times a day for a spoon; in justified cases, the dose may be doubled.