BUERLECITHIN x 36 dragee, multivitamin, multivitamins

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  • Indications for use Vitabuerlecithin are: reduced ability to concentrate, decreased efficiency, stressful situations, physical overload and mental fatigue, diseases of old age, prevents arteriosclerosis

1 coated tablet contains: lecithin 0.75g, wit. B1 nitrate 0,544mg, wit.B2 0.3mg, 0.3mg B6 hydrochloride, calcium pantothenate 0,8mg, vitamin E acetate 5,5mg.

Decreased ability to concentrate,
-Reduce efficiency -sytuacje stress,
-przeciążenie physical and mental
-w diseases of old age,
prevents inflammation atherosclerosis,
-United neurotic as cardiac neurosis,
-niedobór B vitamins
- preventive and curative with an increased level of cholesterol in the blood.

Unless the doctor prescribes otherwise 3 times daily 1-2 dragees.