Buski SPA Sulfide 500ml


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  • Buski SPA sulphides their action owes natural water sulphide rich in biologically active compounds of sulfur and numerous mineral ions.
Exfoliating properties of sulphide water deeply cleanse the skin and regenerate the epidermis. The skin is visibly smoother. Action: - the skin after a bath is deeply moisturized thoroughly cleansed, nourished with a pleasant smell - Buski SPA also aromaterapia- oil of bergamot and lemon smell nice, great relax the body to reduce tension and relax. Bath reduces corns Contraindications: Acute inflammation of the skin that require medical treatment. Usage: 50-100 milliliters of product to add to the bath (in order to pour the foam into a stream of water). Recommended bath time 10-20 minutes.Buski SPA sulfides may be used in the shower.