Buy lemocin online sore throat cure, lidocaine, tyrothricin

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Buy lemocin online sore throat cure , lidocaine, tyrothricin


Lemocin for sore throat lozenges, sore throat cure

tyrothricin 4 mg, cetrimonium bromide 2 mg, lidocaine 1 mg per lozenge.
For children from 5 years and adults.

Active ingredients: tyrothricin, cetrimonium bromide, lidocaine.

For temporary supportive treatment of painful inflammation of the mouth and throat mucosa. If you don't feel better or even worse after 2 days, contact your doctor.

Note: Contains sorbitol and peppermint flavor.

For Buy lemocin online sore throat cure, lidocaine, tyrothricin information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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Even at the first signs of a sore throat, when the throat is scratchy, the voice is thick and it is difficult to swallow, everyday life becomes difficult. Especially for families and working parents who don't have time to be sick. Lemocin ® against sore throats helps with the first signs of swallowing difficulties and provides effective relief. Because Lemocin ® not only has a pain-relieving effect, but also has an antibacterial and disinfectant effect.

• Fights a sore throat at the first sign
• 3-fold effective effect: analgesic, disinfectant and antibacterial
• Delicious lime flavor for the whole family (children from 5 years)


The lidocaine contained in Lemocin ® is a topical anesthetic that quickly relieves sore throats. Tyrothricin has an antibacterial effect, especially against the germs that often occur in mouth and throat infections. Cetrimonium bromide has antiseptic properties and has a disinfectant effect against germs on the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat.

* When used in children, care should be taken to ensure that they have already acquired the ability to suckle in a controlled manner.

RECOMMENDED Buy lemocin online sore throat cure, lidocaine, tyrothricin USE:
Depending on the severity of the sore throat, suck a Lemocin ® every 2 to 3 hoursLozenge. The tablet should be moved slowly in the mouth for optimal effect. Regular use will help relieve symptoms over a longer period of time. No more than 8 lozenges should be used per day. For children from 5-12 years: max. 3 lozenges.

• Drinking a lot helps the irritated mucous membranes to stay moist and not to dry out. Sage tea, which has anti-inflammatory effects, or hot milk with honey are ideal for this.
• Suck candy! This is how saliva forms, which moisturizes the mucous membranes and forms a natural protective film.
• The mucous membranes and throat can also be moistened by regularly gargling with saline solutions.
• If the symptoms do not improve after 3 days, you should consult a doctor. Bacterial pathogens can also be responsible for the sore throat. In this case, antibiotic treatment may be required.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Buy lemocin online sore throat cure, lidocaine, tyrothricin & ANSWERS

Why do I have a sore throat?
The cause of a sore throat is always an inflammation of the mucous membrane in the mouth and throat. In most cases, the culprits are cold viruses that penetrate the upper respiratory tract and multiply there. The viruses are transmitted via droplet infection, especially when sneezing, coughing and speaking. Bacteria, overstressing of the vocal cords and environmental stimuli such as tobacco smoke, chemicals and strong dust can also cause the inflammation - and with it a sore throat, difficulty swallowing and hoarseness.

Can I prevent a sore throat?
Since a sore throat is very often associated with a cold, it makes sense to strengthen the immune system. A healthy diet, regular exercise and a balanced lifestyle support the immune system in defending itself against pathogens. Breathing evenly through the nose filters viruses and bacteria as well as harmful environmental stimuli that can cause throat inflammation. Smoking should be avoided to avoid sore throats.

What helps against a sore throat?
If you have difficulty swallowing or a sore throat, sucking candies or lozenges helps. Sucking moisturizes the mucous membranes, which supports them in their functionality. Lemocin against sore throat lozenges have a pain-relieving, disinfecting and antibacterial effect due to their active ingredient complex. Thus, the course of the disease can be positively influenced. In any case, those with sore throats should drink plenty of water or tea to keep the mucous membrane moist. Those who allow themselves rest and sleep increase the chances of getting fit again quickly.

When do I have to see a doctor?
Sore throats usually last a week. After four or five days, there is significant symptom relief in the majority of cases. Anyone who does not feel any relief after this period or who has a sore throat and difficulty swallowing for more than seven days should consult a doctor.

Is Lemocin for Sore Throat useful for treating sore throats in children?
The Lemocin against sore throat lozenges with the delicious lime flavor are ideal for adults and also for children. In children, they can be used to treat sore throats and the first signs of difficulty swallowing. Lemocin for sore throats can be used from 5 years of age. Before starting treatment with Lemocin, parents should make sure that their child has already learned to "suck".

How, how often and how much Lemocin for a sore throat can I take?
Depending on the severity of the sore throat, those affected should suck a Lemocin lozenge every two to three hours. For optimal effect, this should be moved slowly in the mouth. Regular use will help relieve symptoms over a longer period of time. For children aged 12 and over and adults, the maximum daily dose is eight lozenges. For children from 5 to 12 years of age, the maximum dose is 3 lozenges per day.

Does Lemocin for sore throats contain sugar?
Lemocin for sore throats contains a sugar substitute instead of sugar, which is also tolerated by diabetics. For example, sugar substitutes are also contained in toothpaste as flavor enhancers. Diabetics can also take Lemocin for sore throats: One Lemocin for sore throat lozenge corresponds to 0.01 BE.