CALCIUM EAP ampoules, Calcium

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CALCIUM EAP ampoules, Calcium

The basic component of Calcium-EAP® is a naturally occurring metabolite of the organism.
EAP is one of the most important structural elements of the myelin sheaths and, as a fraction of the phospholipids, is an essential part of the cell membranes.
The anti-inflammatory mechanism of the calcium EAP is due to the infiltration of complex-bound calcium into the cell and its sustained fixation in the intracellular space.

CALCIUM EAP ampoules, Calcium Composition
1 ampoule of Calcium-EAP® of 10 ml contains:
Medicinally active ingredients:
400 mg calcium 2-aminoethyl phosphate (EAP)
(equivalent to 1.25 mmol calcium)
Other ingredients:
glycine, water for injection purposes

Dosage instructions CALCIUM EAP ampoules, Calcium
and type of application
At the start of parenteral treatment: 1 ampoule daily intravenously. In the case of prolonged medication: 2 - 3 ampoules weekly, in the meantime 3 x 1 to 3 x 3 dragees Calcium-EAP® daily. Intravenous administration can be done quickly.