CALCIUM HASCO syrup with strawberry flavor 150ml Children up to 6 years


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  • CALCIUM HASCO syrup with strawberry flavor provides the body with calcium, protecting against, among others, the development of rickets, the effects of osteoporosis. Strengthens bone tissue and is conducive to alleviating the symptoms of allergies.

100 ml syrup contains: Calcii glubionas anhydricus (calcium glukonolaktobionianu anhydrous) 29.4 g Calcii lactobionas dihydrate (calcium lactobionate dihydrate) 6.4 g
corresponding to 2.31 ​​g of calcium ion. and auxiliary substances: sucrose 1,500 mg / 5 ml sodium benzoate (E 211), citric acid monohydrate (E 330), strawberry flavor, purified water

CALCIUM HASCO syrup with strawberry flavor is a rich source of essential for the proper functioning of the body, calcium.Responsible for normalizing the body's electrolyte. Exhibits anti-exudative and reduces swelling. Reduces the symptoms of allergies.This is due, among others, limiting the permeability of cell membranes and vessels. Supports the proper functioning of the vast number of regulatory mechanisms. It plays an important role in the conduction of neuromuscular. Positive effect on the muscles. Participates in the process of mineralization and growth of bone tissue. CALCIUM HASCO syrup with strawberry flavor with a delicious solution to drink.

- allergic to ingredients
- elevated levels of calcium in the blood (hypercalcemia, hypervitaminosis D)
- increased urinary calcium excretion
- renal failure
- kidney stones
- atrioventricular block.

The recommended dose of the drug under calcium supplementation, especially when increased demand for the mineral (eg. During pregnancy or breastfeeding and for rickets and osteoporosis). Also recommended supplement in allergy symptoms.

For oral use. In adults, use 15 mL x 2-3 / 24. Children up to 6 years administer 5 ml syrup x 2-3 / 24. Children 6 to 12 years administered 10 ml of syrup x 2-3 / 24.