CALCIUM syrup 150ml - banana, children 4 months+


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  • Calcium banana-flavored, CALCIUM syrup contains calcium, which is an essential ingredient for maintaining the electrolyte balance of the body and for the proper functioning of nerves and muscles, and blood clotting processes and for bone health.

CALCIUM syrup Composition:
100 ml solution contains 29.4 g glukonolaktobionianu calcium and 6.4 g of calcium lactobionate; 5 ml (1 teaspoon syrup) = 2.85 mmol Ca = 5.7 mEq Ca. Available in the following flavors: blackberry, strawberry, cherry, orange and banana.

Action CALCIUM syrup: Calcium is an essential mineral component, contributing to maintaining the electrolyte balance of the body and the proper functioning of numerous regulatory mechanisms. CALCIUM syrup is necessary in many processes, including neuromuscular conduction, muscle function, normal bone development, blood clotting, activation of certain enzymes, cell membrane permeability and blood. In the preparation organic calcium compounds are easily absorbed by the body. Administration of supplements of calcium deficiency in the body and reduces swelling and allergic reactions.

CALCIUM syrup Indications: Supplementing calcium deficiency with CALCIUM syrup, especially in the states of increased demand (pregnancy, lactation, periods of intensive growth in children, convalescence, fracture bones, rickets). Adjunct to the treatment of allergic diseases, inflammation, osteomalacia.

Contraindications CALCIUM syrup: Hypercalcemia (hiperparatyreoidyzm, hypervitaminosis D), heavy hypercalciuria, a significant degree of renal failure. Used with caution in patients with nephrolithiasis or treated with digitalis preparations.

CALCIUM syrup Dosage: Oral: children 4 months of age-3 yrs 1 / 2-1 teaspoon 2 times a day, children 4-18 years of age 2-4 teaspoons 2-4 times a day.