CALMA liquid for dogs, cats, horses 100 ml

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CALMA liquid for dogs / cats / horses

cd Vet Calma

For nutritional support in case of nervousness and stressful situations.

 High demands in all areas of life, stress and tension are frequent companions in everyday life. The nervous system is stressed in many ways, the emotional and physical resilience has to be proven again and again. This upsets body and mind, unbalances and can cause nervousness. Thanks to the hyperforin contained in St. John's wort in combination with the sesquiterpenes from lemon balm, Calma can usefully supplement natural feeding in stressful situations.

 For the daily feeding of permanently stressed / nervous animals, nerve food is recommended.

Feeding recommendation:
15 to 30 minutes before stressful situations Dogs, cats: depending on weight 2 - 20 drops, horses: feed 4ml. Feed again after approx. 2 hours or if necessary.

under 5kg: 2 drops

5 - 10kg: 3 - 6 drops

10-15kg: 6-10 drops

15-25kg: 10-15 drops

25 - 50kg: 15-20 drops

under 4kg: 2 drops

over 4kg: 4 drops

 The given feeding recommendations are average values ​​that have been determined in practice. Gradual deviations depending on age, physical activity and state of health can occur

sodium chloride, dextrose

Analytical components and contents: 
crude protein <0.3%, crude fiber <0.5%, crude ash <0.4%, crude fat <0.2%, moisture 93%, sodium <0.05%